I had a match: Determining the character of a personality by the shape of the Navel

According to statistics, the shape of the navel is influenced by the genetic component, the obstetrician who delivers the baby and the peculiarities of caring for the newborn. Interestingly, the shape of the navel can change during life, under the influence of such factors as piercings, childbirth, diseases.

Determine the character of the navel:

  1. Protruding navel – strong character, perseverance and stubbornness are the main features of a person with a protruding navel. You make decisions only after scrupulous analysis of data, like to be in the center of attention, demand respect and love. Prefer long-term relationships, spending a lot of effort and time searching for a partner.
  2. Large and deep navel – good-heartedness and boundless generosity are the hallmarks of people with a deep navel. You prefer not to burden your loved ones with your problems and find the best solutions on your own. You are a recognized expert in human relations.
  3. Small navel – secrecy and skepticism perfectly characterize the owners of small navels. You are able to keep secrets, condescend to other people’s shortcomings and trust only a select few. Probably, you had to go through a lot of unpleasant moments.
  4. Round navel – smart and lazy – just such a strange combination, as best suited for people with a round navel. You are not attracted to physical work or any activity related to applied sciences. Your laziness activates the work of the brain, allowing you to find winning solutions.
  5. Oval navel – hyperactivity, sensitivity and impetuousness are the main characteristics of those born with an oval navel. You are impatient, always looking for new experiences, while managing to treat everything with increased seriousness.
  6. Wide navel – vigilance and attention to detail, allow people with wide navels to prevent any danger. You like to study people, draw conclusions, predict situations. Perhaps this hobby has made you distrustful and those around you are not so easy to win your favor.

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