Big news for Costco’s food court regulars without a membership: things are changing

Dive deeper for the scoop.

Mark your calendars for April 8, 2024. That’s when Costco will start keeping tabs on food court patrons.

Dive deeper for the scoop.

Though the rule itself isn’t a newcomer, it’s been pretty relaxed, especially for food courts that are easy to access from outside.

However, a recent photo from a Costco in Orlando, Florida, popping up on Reddit, signals a change. Costco’s set to tighten up starting April 8.

“Starting April 8, 2024, buying from our food court will require an active Costco membership card. Thinking about joining? Check out our membership counter for all you need to know.”

It’s still up in the air if those holding a Shop Card, which is essentially a Costco gift card, will have food court access.

Following a stricter adherence to their shopping policy since June 2023, Costco is closing the doors on non-member purchases.

“Membership cards are personal and not meant to be passed around. As we’ve moved towards more self-service checkouts, it’s become apparent that non-members have been shopping with borrowed cards,” states Costco. “We believe it’s unfair for non-members to enjoy the same benefits and prices as our members.”

What’s your take on Costco’s new stance on their food court policy? Is it overkill, or is it justified? We’re all ears on Facebook.

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