Are You Destroying Your Friendship? 4 Things You Need To Stop Doing

Life-long friendships are not something that come by often. It's special when you meet someone who becomes an important part of your life. Here are four things you need to stop doing immediately if you don't want to ruin a good friendship.

1. Stop minimizing your friends tribulations

Sometimes it’s difficult to see how upsetting a situation is when it’s not happening directly to you, but this doesn’t make it any less important. If you’re always telling your friend that things happen because they’re meant to or they are strong and will get through it, they might feel as though you’re not taking their situation seriously. Don’t brush off your friend’s problems as no big deal. You wouldn’t feel supported if the same was done to you. If you not only minimize your friend’s troubles, but go to them when you’re dealing with issues, this could destroy your friendship. If you think only your problems are worth time and attention, chances are your friend won’t stick around to play therapist for you. Make sure you give their situations that same time and care you would want.

2. Stop being self-centred

If you only want to talk about yourself, this could destroy your friendship. You might have a lot going on and a lot you want to say, but it’s important to remember there are two people that make up your friendship. If your friend is telling you a story, don’t find a way to bring the attention back to you. Let the other person have the spotlight sometimes. If you’re uninterested in the conversation unless it’s about you, your friend will notice. If you only talk to your friend when no one else is available or you want to talk about yourself, this could be the demise of your friendship.

3. Stop breaking promises

If there’s anyone you should be able to trust, it’s your close friends. When you make a promise to a friend, do everything in your power to keep it. If you can’t keep it, at least let your friend know ahead of time so they aren’t caught off guard. Don’t simply go about your day ignoring the promise you made. Don’t make excuses about being busy or having something else come up. This will make the other person feel as if they are not important to you and that will probably destroy your friendship.

4. Stop being possessive

If you want to be your friend’s only friend, this may cause issues. It’s unhealthy to only have one person in your life. Trying to isolate your friend from everyone else won’t help your friendship grow. This will probably make the other person feel smothered and anxious about having a life outside of you. This kind of toxic attitude will ruin an otherwise good friendship. If you want to have a healthy, life-long friendship, it’s important for both parties to have lives outside of each other.

Don’t ruin a good friendship by being selfish, needy, or unreasonable. Toxic behaviours can destroy even the longest and strongest relationship.

The Cluber